Bio: Patrick Reedy, Managing Director – Packaging

 (815) 261-4403 x 108

Patrick’s career has cast a wide net. His depth and breadth of business experience brings many years of relevant work experience to SearchPath of Chicago. His prior experiences bring him well rounded in to understanding of supply chain management, packaging, material handling and food. Patrick’s last career was in a broker environment much similar to the day in a life of a recruiter. Lakeside Food Sales is a food brokerage that specialized in both the primary and secondary retail sector and supplied manufacturers with ingredients for production of consumer goods. Specialized in buying and selling raw materials, food ingredients and finished goods. Patrick learned the art of purchased and selling closeout, overstock, buybacks, and excess perishable and non-perishable items produced by reputable companies throughout the world. Patrick also managed all freight for products that were sold and ensured customer satisfaction upon delivery.

Patrick also worked as a manufacture rep as territory manager for Chicago for a company called Water Concepts his responsibilities included, creating and managing client relationships. Patrick had to develop an understanding of researching and solving complex business problems. He learned operational management and support including problem solving and resource coordination, and had classroom training and individual learning facilitation in Advertising and Public Relations. Developed one-on-one relationships with the store level management for selected key retail partners in conjunction with phased re-launch. Maintain flexibility to adjust the position’s responsibilities as the brands’ development evolves.

Patrick also worked for a local distributer as an account manager which led him to be found for the territory manager role where he made sales calls to chain grocery stores, gas stations and other types of beverage stores. He negotiated selling of product to support seasonal displays, while obtaining placements of newer products to secure proper product placement. In addition he ran promotional events on-premise and off-premise to ensure proper product support.

Patrick also enjoys many hobbies and sports. Some of them include skiing, racquetball, camping, hiking and soccer. His favorite teams to watch are the White Sox, Blackhawks, and Bears. Also in his spare time he continues to educate himself in history, science, politics, current events, and music so he can live out his lifelong dream of being on Jeopardy.